Avana plastic surgery, 2021

Avana Plastic surgery world’s renowned and reputed clinic equipped with all modernized and advance setup space having latest and most innovation technology in the industry.

Avana plastic surgery have gained a reputation and build trust values among their customers in the category of phenomenal plastic surgery with setup of all modern art facilities and doing practices and procedures for breast augmentation.

Breast lift, BBL (Brazilian butt-lift surgery), lipo 360, body contouring, Mommy makeover, tummy tuck, and non-surgical procedures, where you can get all one stop solution for your good looking and beauty appraisal.        

Avana Plastic surgery provides one of the best personalized service and proper post care treatments by using upgraded technology for surgical and non-surgical treatments with combined feel of luxury environment.

Overall, Avana plastic surgery makes your all arrangement of accommodation and food for those customers who are coming outside from Miami. Further they have trained staff and nurses who will make your all care before and after of surgery.

Avana plastic surgery has successfully treated more than 3k+ surgeries under the various category like BBL (Brazilian Butt lift), breast augmentation, breast lift and various others’ treatment of beauty enhancement category.

Who owns Avana plastic surgery

Dr. Joshua R Scurlock, MD owner of Avana plastic surgery.

Dr. Joshua R Scurlock is general surgeon, he completed his MD degree in general surgeon from school of Medicine of St.George’s University.

Dr. Joshua R Scurlock is general surgeon at avana plastic surgery; he is specialized in repair or removed damaged tissue belly fats from skin and muscles. Further he was highly trained surgeon, who professionally done more than 1000+ surgery focused on abdomen, including of stomach and colon.

Dr. Joshua R Scurlock is highly trained doctor in field of bariatric surgery. He renowned surgeon in specialized field of weight loss surgeries. He affiliated from many recognized institute like American College of Surgeons, American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric surgery, American academy of cosmetic surgery, American endoscopic surgeon.

Reviews of Dr. Joshua R Scurlock, MD

Dr. Joshua R Scurlock is the best rated and highly qualified doctor at Avana plastic surgery. He is specialized and renowned name surgeon in bariatric surgery. Overall is rating from reviews of customers is 4.6****

Avana plastic surgery special

Avana plastic surgery special

  • BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) surgery at Avana plastic surgery clinic
  • Today every woman have a desire to look become attractive and sexy, for that the important part is their shape and proportion of buttock.
  • To achieve perfect size and shape of butt, the famous cosmetic surgery procedure known as Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is rapidly increasing and getting more popular among women’s in the United States.
  • Highly professional and experienced Doctors and renowned surgeon in plastic surgery industry. Reputed clinic using all modern latest technology. In specially Breast augmentation, breast lift, BBL (Brazilian butt-lift surgery), lipo 360, body contouring, Mommy makeover, tummy tuck. Specialization in both weight loss and cosmetic surgery.

Avana plastic surgery Reviews (4.5****)

If you reviewed their service and type of treatment, then overall experience received from various customers is most satisfactory and rated them as most professional service provider under the category of beauty enhancement plastic surgery.

Avana plastic surgery recovery house

So many recovery houses near Avana plastic surgery. You can stay after before surgery. You can use rental properties app like Airbnb. Best recovery near to clinic Secret Orchard Recovery house. Contact Maggie (305) 781-8917.

Hotels near Avana plastic surgery

There are many good hotels under the three star and four-star category hotels where you can stay before and after surgery. However, Avana plastic surgery center also have tie-ups with many luxury and good reputed hotels for comfort stay of their patients after surgery.

For that you can contact to Avana Plastic surgery center where they will give contacts of the hotels nearby at their clinic.

Avana plastic surgery Bmi

BMI is very important part before opting any plastic surgery, if BMI is over 25 than it termed as overweight and over 30 it termed as obese. Hence, there will be higher risk for surgical procedures of anesthetic complications.

So before opting any surgery procedure than doctor of Avana plastic surgery recommends to make body BMI ideal as below 25. For that Avana plastic clinic provides you ideal diet plan and exercise where you maintain your BMI below 25.

Avana plastic surgery deaths

There is now any such incidents occurred till at Avana Plastic surgery center, they have treated more than 1000+ verities of plastic surgery and all are 100% success.

And you can also check reviews from others verified sites, further American society of plastic surgery also recommends them as good rated center.

If in case any death occurred through their surgery, they definitely set up an inquiry. So overall this is fake news about any deaths occurred during or after from any of surgery from Avana plastic surgery.

Avana plastic surgery doctors information and reviews

Dr. Scott Moradian @ Avana Plastic Surgery

  • Dr. Scott Moradian is a renowned surgeon in plastic surgery industry. He is board certified surgeons in the country.
  • His specialization in both weight loss and cosmetic surgery.
Reviews of Dr. Scott Moradian

He have vast experience of performing many surgeries like tummy tuck, liposuction 360 with body contouring, breast lifts, breast augmentations etc.

Dr. Scott Moradian after completing his fellowship from American Academy of cosmetic surgery he has completed 700+ surgery on BBL (Brazilian butt lift), Liposuction, breast lift tummy makeover and other beauty enhancement procedures.

Dr. Algird Mameniskis

  • Dr.Algird Mameniskis is MD FACS (Dr. M) is a well-known name in plastic surgery industry.
  • Dr.Algird Mameniskis is a double board certified plastic surgeon.
  • Dr.Algird Mameniskis is specializing in repair or replace of skin tissue, muscles tissues and others.
  • Dr.Algird Mameniskis have a long experience of 20 years successful surgery like breast augmentation, breast uplift, and tummy tuck etc.
  • Dr. Algird Mameniskis is also specialized in reconstructive surgery of hands and face uplift for beauty enhancement.

Reviews of Dr. Algird Mameniskis

Dr.Algird Mameniskis is also rated with 4.4 stars and good reviews by their customers for his treatment and professional guidance on each and every query.

BBL (Brazilian butt lift Surgery)

What is BBL surgery?    

It is a specialized surgery in which excess fat removed from abdomen, lower back, thighs of your body through liposuction technology and then portion of the same fat is then injected into buttocks portions with strategically marking and analysis of fat required on buttocks to give proper shape and size of buttock.

What benefits after BBL surgery?

BBL Brazilian butt lift surgery helps to overcome from genetics flat butt structure to reshape of buttocks with fullness and also reduce fats in surroundings areas of body like thighs, lower back. After surgery, it enhances lower body shape. Once over fats reduced and butts reshaped with fullness than its give more attractive looks to your personality.

What is bbl surgery cost?

The average BBL surgery cost in the United States is approx, ranging from $5500 to $6500. Whereas the average offer price by Avana plastic surgery is ranging $4000 to $5000.

further you have to subscribe our newsletter where we will inform you whenever they offer huge discount offers to their customers on some occasion like women’s day or any festival offer.

Overall if you want to avail this surgery we recommend you to take first priority Avana plastic surgery clinic as they have world’s best and renowned surgeons who follow professional technology and procedure for this surgery.

What is bbl surgery dangerous?

No it’s not dangerous if it is opted through professional surgeons and trained qualified doctors who have depth knowledge and vast experience of this surgery.

So we recommend you before opting for this surgery check and verify the facts about the doctors, who perform this surgery. Yes it’s also true that this surgery is one of the very difficult surgeries in the worlds where if the procedure of surgery is not done well and if injected fat enters on wrong veins than it’s sometimes very fatal to patients.

Which cause many side effects to the patients in the future. So herewith we always recommend opting this surgery from trained and American plastic surgery board certified doctor. Overall Avana plastic surgery is one of the best doctors and staff where you will properly guide and post take care till recovery from surgery. 

How painful is a bbl surgery?

Yes after the surgery it is painful for sometime due to its soreness and feeling of numbness. There is little pain during sitting and feeling uneasiness while sleeping.

But no need to worry usually every surgery need time to recover. After bbl surgery the fat which was injected in your butt need some time to adjust with your butt muscles and makes girth towards the bones.

Overall the proper recovery time taken is approx 3-4 weeks. However, after six months of surgery you can resume your all works like exercise walking and normal routine life.


Breast augmentation surgery

Breast segmentation surgery is mammoplasty surgery in which the size and shape of breast was increased and gives new attractive looks to women’s physical appearance.

Breast augmentation is the surgical reshaping of breast in order to look larger and attractive shapes. Most women’s and girl’s looking this surgery for seek beauty and attractive looks reasons.

This surgery is getting more popular in the United States now days as per the data available with American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) note in 2018, there were 284521 breast augmentations procedures were done in the United States.

What is the difference between breast augmentation and breast implant?

In breast augmentation procedurethe size of breast was restore and reshape of breast with fullness by injecting of fat in tissues, this is one type of mammoplasty surgery in which size of breast was restore and reshape. Whereas in breast implant procedure synthetic (medical grade) silicon like gel placed in tissues of breast to increase the size of breast.

How long does a breast augmentation last?

The FDA estimates that with professionally implant of breast augmentation procedure should be remain at least for next 8 to 10 years, further it also depends upon your diet, exercise and your lifestyle.

How painful is breast augmentation surgery?

No, this surgery is not so much painful as like others’ surgery. In fact, after breast augmentation surgery you can restore to your daily routine life within two to three weeks. However, after the surgery the pain was very negligible, and it can be overcome through proper counter painkiller medicines.

How much does breast augmentation surgery or implant surgery cost?

A. The average costs in the United States is approx $5000 to $8500 depends upon the locations and plastic surgeon doctors profile. In Avana plastic surgery clinic at Miami, they charge approx $2500 to $3500 for breast augmentation procedures.

They offer the cheapest ever treatment in the United States and as well as they have trained professional doctors and surgeon team who have 100% results oriented surgery.

Tummy tucks surgery

Tummy tuck is also plastic surgery in which excess fat and skin are removed from abdomen area. This is also atheistic type surgery for good looking and attractive body size and shape at abdomen.

This surgery is getting popular in both men’s and women’s of United States.

After this surgery it improves the appearance of abdomen part.

What is tummy tuck surgery?

Tummy tuck surgery is one type of plastic surgery of abdomen called abdominoplasty, in this procedure extra fat and skin and muscles were removed and tightening of muscles to make abdomen flat. This surgery usually likes by men’s and women are who are keen to weight loss.

How painful is a tummy tuck after surgery?

In general the pain after tummy tuck surgery is mild to moderate which can be overcome just within few days of taking proper post care medication and rest. 

The cost for tummy tucks surgery?

The average cost for tummy tucks surgery is ranging between $4500 as per the locations in the United States, but in Avana plastic surgery clinic it costs up to $3200 to $3700 USD.

However, sometimes they also give offers with huge discounts. Avana plastic surgery unit is very specialized in this type of surgery, and they have successfully completed more than 1K+ surgery on tummy tuck.

Liposuction surgery

In Liposuction surgery a suction technique was used to remove excess fats from abdomen, thighs, hips and arms or neck. Liposuction surgery also shapes for specified area of body.

In liposuction surgery is also required trained surgeon and newly advanced technology for getting better and painless treatment.

However, in both the above aspect Avana plastic surgery unit have trained and qualified doctors, surgeons and newly modified and enhanced technology equipments where customers can get optimum value for money results.

The average cost of lipo 360 surgery at Avana plastic surgery is $3000. 

How long has Avana plastic surgery been in business?

Avana plastic surgery was operational since mid of 2018. In very short span of time this clinic has build reputation in the field of various plastic surgery especially in BBL (Brazilian butt lift surgery), Tummy tuck surgery and breast augmentation surgery.

Avana plastic surgery has renowned surgeons and doctors who are highly qualified and approved from American certificate board.

What is the most expensive plastic surgery?

As per the data available from American society of Plastic surgeons the most expensive surgery is facelift surgery which average cost around $6500 to $7500. 

After the facelift surgery tummy tuck surgery is most expensive in America which average price is $5500. Whereas at Avana plastic surgery its cost around $3500

How far is Avana plastic surgery from Miami airport?

The Avana plastic surgery is just 23 minutes away from Miami International airport and approx distance is 12 miles.

However, if you interested in any consult or keen to surgery they provide cab service to you for pick-up and drop to Miami International airport to clinic.

What is the most difficult plastic surgery procedure?

The most difficult plastic surgery is rhinoplasty or nose plastic surgery or nasal change procedure, in this surgery the basic anatomy of nose is required to be change hence it was most difficult plastic surgery procedure.

What are the 3 most painful plastic surgeries?

Every surgery is little painful for sometimes but after proper medication and rest you will overcome from pain and within few weeks of time the part of surgery itself become heal.

However, the time of healing is different from surgery to surgery. Three painful plastic surgery is BBL Brazilian but lift surgery, liposuction surgery and tummy tuck surgery.

But if all the plastic surgery is done by professional and with new art of technology machinery than its get become low pain and surgery cuts procedure.

Why is plastic surgery cheap in Miami?

Avana Plastic surgery Miami offers huge discounts and lowest ever surgery cost as compare to rest of United States, the reason is trained doctor’s staff and nurse as well as there are huge competition among others plastic surgery clinic in Miami.

In Miami there are many plastic surgery clinic which offers discounted price surgery to the customers, hence customers was attracted towards their lowest price, but we recommend you to go only those clinics who have qualified and trained doctor’s.

What is the lipo 360?

Lipo 360 is just like liposuction procedure that encompass from midsection of body to cover all 360-degree angle, which includes removing fats through liposuction surgery from bottom to top and from back to front.

What country has the cheapest plastic surgery?

The capital of plastic surgery in the whole world is United States but as compared to the cheapest plastic surgery in world Turkey is considered for cheap and best ever result oriented plastic surgery. There is average 7 times more cheap and lowest price as compare to USA plastic surgery cost.

How do people afford plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is usually having a craze among rich class or in upper middle class, hence they can afford these expensive surgery,

But nowadays, it appears that trend is getting change in the United States’ most people with average income group also opting plastic surgery for that their surgeon offer them these surgeries through financing or medical credit card like Care Credit cards which is been paid through easy EMI options.

Is plastic surgery safe?

The biggest ever question and doubt among everyone who want to opt to plastic surgery.

Yes off course plastic surgery is very safe now days because of newly enhanced medical technology and procedures as well as very qualified trained doctors and staff.

Avana Plastic surgery has excellence in both the above part. They have the best ever doctors team and equipped with newly advance technology of surgery.

Does plastic surgery make you prettier?

Doesn’t make you prettier because recently American Medical Association launch a journal published. While face plastic surgery reverses after three years of visual aging, it doesn’t make you prettier. Finding that was Dr. A. Joshua Zimm, didn’t see a statistically significant attractiveness improvement,” source HEALTHLINE

Avana plastic surgery Instagram

Avana plastic surgery instagram ID 53.7K followers on Instagram account.

leinenkugel summer shandybeer

leinenkugel summer shandy

  • Leinenkugel summer shandy is basically America based famous beer brand. In 1867 German immigrant Jacob Mathias leinenkugel and its partner John Miller setup a brewery with a vision to introduce German style fermented beer to United States beer lovers. The process and formula for making beer was introduced by Jacob Mathias leinenkugel, which he brought from Germany.  Thus the brewery was named of Leinenkugel brewery in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin USA.
  • In starting they distributed the famous Leinenkugel beer only in upper Midwest area but steadily the leinenkugel beer taste was getting popular among Americans hence company steadily introduced new range of tastes and beer products like Leinenkugel summer shandy and different fruit pebbles which was getting more popular in Americans. Now at present Leinenkugel was distributed throughout all the 50 states of United States of America.
  • Leinenkugel at present producing both type of traditional beers including of lagers and ales but the major sales and popular among Americans is Shandys. The Leinenkugel’s summer shandy having mixture or a cocktail of beer with fruit juices or lemons mix.  
  • Young Americans girls age between 18+ to 35 are very crazy for leinenkugel summer shandy, usually in parties or disco’s they prefer leinenkugel beer mix with fruit pebbles like lemons citrus,  orange pulps, graphs pulps or any seasonal pulps available. Further after adding the fruit pulps it become low in alcohol value and low in carbs which considered it as a health conscious drink along with enjoyment of beer.

leinenkugel summer shandy

  • Leinenkugel summer shandy is United States famous cocktail type beer drink which is mix flavor of crispy fermented of wheat and malt barley flavor with added of natural lemonade.
  • This unique taste makes leinenkugel summer shandy a famous and refreshing drink in summer times.
  • For best taste of Leinenkugel summer shandy can be pair with some grilled foods like BBQ chicken, fruit salads, watermelon and grilled fish.
  • Leinenkugel summer shandy beer Abv alcohol by volume 4.2% and 11 is IBU.

Leinenkugel Summer Shandy alcohol content

Leinenkugel’s summer shandy Beer has a 4.2% ABV (Alcohol content volume) and 11 IBU which means average bitterness level. Leinenkugel summer shandy beer is highly popular because of its mix taste of lager type beer and crispy of lemon flavor, due to this beer is highly in demand during round the season.

Leinenkugel Summer Shandy calories

Leinenkugel’s summer shandy beer 12 oz of one can contains 130 calories. The reason for high medium range of calories in leinenkugel’s summer shandy beer is because of using lager type process of making fermented wheat malt barley, however added of citrus like lemon makes its unique flavor.

Leinenkugel Summer Shandy Carbs

Leinenkugel’s summer shandy beer 12 oz of one can contain 12 g of carbohydrates and 1.2 g of proteins and sugar is 2g. This is perfect choice of beer for athletes and sportsperson.

Leinenkugel Summer Shandy Keg

A keg is just like small barrel for packing of some liquid like beverages and beers which can easily be transported. Leinenkugel’s summer shandy beer are kegged and delivered in various size of containers, 

Leinenkugel’s summer shandy beer Keg Sizing are:

  • 1/2 keg contains 165 12oz of cans which is equivalent to 7 cases of beer. This is the largest size of Leinenkugel’s summer shandy beer.
  •  1/4 keg contains 82 12oz of cans, which is equivalent to 3 cases of Leinenkugel’s summer shandy beer.
  • 1/6 keg contains 55 12oz of cans, which is equivalent to 2 cases of Leinenkugel’s summer shandy beer.

Leinenkugel Grapefruit shandy

  • Leinenkugel is always believed in new beer product research for new taste and produce something new for their customers. Hence after traditionally produce and successful of leinenkugel’s summer shandy they introduce new summer shanddy beer with flavor of grapefruit. Leinenkugel grapefruit shandy having crispy type weiss beer having flavor of grapefruit, this make leinenkugel shandy makes more fresh citrus flavor which gives refreshing feel and energizing with natural fruit pulp.
  • Leinenkugel grapefruit shandy is one type of weiss flavor lager type beer. This beer is perfect for each and every occasion.
  • Leinenkugel summer shandy beer Abv alcohol by volume 4.2% and 11 is IBU.

Leinenkugel summer shandy review

Overall review rated to Leinenkugel’s summer shandy is 4.8 stars through Google leads manager, whereas on other website who have make online survey and voting for best beers or shandies, in that result it was rated to 4 stars approx. It was overall recommended for anyone who likes lighter and also want fruit flavored beer than no doubts this is one of the best beer the fruit category beer. 

Leinenkugel Summer Shandy near me

Leinenkugel’s summer shandy was brewed in leinenkugel brewery located at Chippewa falls, United States. It was delivered through online or offline stores throughout all the 50 states of America. You can buy Leinenkugel’s summer shandy through directly online order from company’s website or any other offline and online store of wall mart etc.

The price of Leinenkugel’s summer shandy of 12 pack of bottles of 12 fl.Oz have 14.9$* approx.


Is Leinenkugel Summer Shandy seasonal

Leinenkugel Spritzen is the beer which has rich carbonated water like soda and having equal proportionate of fruits flavors which gives best taste buds for those beer lovers who want to enjoy the feel of cocktails likes beers in parties, disco etc., hence it is not seasonal beer Leinenkugel Spritzen is demanding round of the year in America.

What kind of beer is Leinenkugel Summer Shandy

Leinenkugel summer shandy beer is mix flavor of weiss type beer and lemonade. The uniqueness of Leinenkugel Summer Shandy is that the process of making weiss beer is traditionally German wheat ale style type, which make the weiss beer flavor much soothing to the consumer, for the process of making weiss beer they usually take >50% wheat with mixing of banana and clove, these flavor compounds helps to make fermentation which produce best output of lager type beer having of Abv Alcohol content volume 4.2%, after the process it was mixed in appropriate proportion with sweet lime or crispy lime which give more unique and different taste of beer to consumer that’s why Leinenkugel summer shandy beer is worldwide popular.

Is Leinenkugel Summer Shandy a lager?

Leinenkugel summer shandy beer is a traditional weiss type beer with added flavor of refreshing natural lemonade. This is a lager type beer which has alcohol content volume of 4.2 %. This lager type beer was traditionally brewed with pale malts and mixture of fermented wheat and cluster hops in very low condition temperature.

Summer shandy

What is summer shandy?

– Summer shandy is one type refreshing beer which is mixed with a lemon or a lime flavored beverages (choice of either sweet lime or bitter crispy lime) further as per individual taste bud you can add carbonated (Soda water) to give more smooth and refreshing taste.
–  Summer shandies are very popular in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and European Continental where they were also called as Panache’.
–  The reason for popularity of summer shandy beer is their low content alcohol value ABV, hence it was exempted in many countries from the category of alcoholic beverages’ law.

Why is it called summer shandy

Summer shandy is basically a famous cocktail drink which is been prepared though mixing of lemonade and beer. The name of shandy was derived from “Shandygaff” which was mentioned in 1850s relating to mixing of beer with another flavor of ginger beer or ginger ale.

Who invented the summer shandy?

Shandy beer is just like cocktail beer first invented in Britain in 18th centuries. The world knows this drink in the name of shandygaff, which was mixture of ginger beer or ginger ale. As simple formula of mixing beer with another options of different flavors like ginger, lemon or orange make this drink popular worldwide.

Where does the name summer shandy came from?

As the name of shandy is came out from old famous Britain drink Shandygaff, which was the famous drink in British in mid of 18th centuries. This drink was made of mixing of beer with ginger or ginger ale. The technique of mixing beer with another flavors make shandy a popular drink in world wide. One of the famous brands in United States is Leinenkugel shandy.

What makes a summer shandy?

Shandy is a beer cocktail made through mixing of equal parts of beer and citrus fruit pulp or lemon lime soda. This is popular drink as specialty of low alcohol content value, refreshing taste and feeling of cool during summer. To make this drink you can add 50:50 ratios of beer and lemon or lime soda as of your choice.

Can you get drunk on summer Shandy?

Its depend upon person to person bio-physic chemistry, further it’s also depend upon how strong beer and how much Abv Alcohol content volume in the beer. As normally in American beer there is approx 3.8% abv to 7.5% abv, further when you add beer with shandy than the percentage of ABV reduced up to 50% only hence it approx range between 1.9% Abv (Alcohol content volume) which is not suitable for any condition of drunk off. So Leinenkugel shandy is good beer which everyone can enjoy.

Leinenkugel beer

Leinenkugel beers have different type of varieties with enrich of variable taste as per the seasonal and as desired by beer lovers. Leinenkugel beers varieties are as below:-

Leinenkugel Spritzen

  • Spritzen is basically a beer with splatter of carbonated water just like soda and mixture of different fruit flavors’. Hence, it delivered a taste of subtle fruit flavor just like of crispy beer because of its added seltzer. It is best in combination of beer and seltzer category worldwide.
  • Leinenkugel Spritzen beer having 93 calories.
  • Leinenkugel Spritzen Abv alcohol by volume 4.9% and IBU is 40 (Bitterness Level).
  • Leinenkugel Spritzen available in different flavors like Blood orange Cranberry, Grapefruit, Pineapple strawberry Raspberry lemon.
leinenkugel summer shandy beer
leinenkugel summer shandy beer


Is Leinenkugel Spritzen seasonal?

Leinenkugel Spritzen is the beer which has rich carbonated water like soda and having equal proportionate of fruits flavors which gives best taste buds for those beer lovers who want to enjoy the feel of cocktails likes beers in parties, disco etc., hence it is not seasonal beer Leinenkugel Spritzen is demanding round of the year in America.

How many carbs are in Leinenkugel’s Spritzen?

Leinenkugel Spritzen beer has 2.2 grams of carbohydrates and zero sugar level. Further this beer is also in category of low calories count value i.e.93 calories, hence most demanding beer for those who health conscious. 

leinenkugel spritzen flavors

Leinenkugel Spritzen beer is available in different fruit flavor like Cranberry, Grapefruit, Pineapple strawberry Raspberry lemon each and every flavor gives you refreshing, energizing feel of taste.

Leinenkugel Lemon Haze IPA

  • Leinenkugel’s Lemon Haze IPA beer is special category beer having large volume of hops, herbals, citrus or fruity flavors along with having of high alcohol content which gives unique taste of bitterness of American and German hops. This beer is liked mostly by the peoples who love bitterness and more alcohol volume beer.
  • Leinenkugel Lemon Haze IPA beer having 98 calories.
  • Leinenkugel Lemon Haze IPA Abv alcohol by volume 4.9% and IBU is 40 (Bitterness Level).
    • Leinenkugel Honey Weiss
  • Leinenkugel Honey Weiss, as it names appears Weiss, it means having unique taste of fermented wheat along with other portion of malted barley which mix in equal proportionate with lemon, citrus fruits and real taste of local Wisconsin honey to gives an exclusively taste of classical German style beer with citrus fruit aroma and sweet delight taste of beer.
  • Leinenkugel Honey Weiss beer wins many medals in the World beer cup. Leinenkugel Honey Weiss beer wins silver medal in 2000, 2004 and 2006 whereas they win Gold medal in 2002 American style wheat beer category. Overall very popular beer in America.
  • Leinenkugel Honey Weiss beer Abv alcohol by volume 4.9% and IBU is 13.9 (Bitterness Level very low).


Q. What kind of beer is Leinenkugel Honey Weiss?

Leinenkugel Honey Weiss is traditional American style lager type beer having a taste of local Wisconsin honey, this beer is total inspired by classic German style by way of making crispy beer with mixture of fermented wheat, malted barley and some citrus fruits..

Q. How many calories are in a Honey Weiss beer?

Leinenkugel Honey Weiss contains 12.4 calories and 1g of carbs in 12 Oz can.

  • Leinenkugel Berry Weiss
  • Leinenkugel berry Weiss, as it names appears berry Weiss, which means unique combination of natural berry, blackberry juice and fermented wheat and malt barley beers. This berry having demand round the year and likes by many Americans. Leinenkugel berry Weiss beer wins bronze medal in 2004 an wins Gold medal in 2007 under the category of fruit and vegetable beers at American beer festivals.
  • Leinenkugel Honey Weiss beer Abv alcohol by volume 4.9% and IBU is 13.9 (Bitterness Level very low).


Q. Is Leinenkugel Berry Weiss seasonal?

    Leinenkugel berry Weiss beer is on demand round the year Seasonal.

Q. What does Leinenkugel Berry Weiss taste like?

Leinenkugel Berry Weiss beer is delightful taste of fruity pebbles. It also delivered refreshing sweet like crispy taste having a touch of malted barley and fermented wheat like feel of some unique taste German beers. Hence we may say a unique combination of German style beer having fruit pebbles with mix taste of crispy and sweet.

Q. How many calories are in a Berry Weiss Leinenkugel?

Leinenkugel Berry Weiss beer in 12 Oz can have a 16.8 calories, 2.3g of Carbs. Further this beer is having average ABV Alcohol value content i.e.4.9% and low bitterness level i.e. 13.9

Q. Is Leinenkugel Berry Weiss gluten free?

Leinenkugel Berry Weiss beer is mix of fermented wheat and               malted barley. Hence both crops are the source of Gluten and they are not belongs to vegan families.

Q. What kind of beer is Leinenkugel Berry Weiss?

Leinenkugel Berry Weiss beer is lager type fruit beer has mixture of fermented wheat and malted barleys along with blend of Wisconsin local growing berries. This bear having a very low bitterness value and gives feel sweet like crispy beer. It is perfect and most demanding choice among girl’s women’s and couples who want and having desire of beer along with some fruity pebbles taste.

Q. What is the beer that tastes like Fruity Pebbles?

If you are interested in beer with fruity pebbles than there is one of the best choice in the category is Leinenkugel Berry Weiss. This beer having a unique and balance taste of beer along with Wisconsin local growing berries. This beer is most demanding beer in the fruit pebbles category and liked by especially teenage girls, women’s. Further this bear also win many awards in fruit and vegetable category beer in American Beer festival.

  • Leinenkugel dark lager
  • Leinenkugel dark lager is a beer which is been brewed in the low conditions with natural ingredients of hops, malts, barleys and especially mix of rich blend of cocoa. The Leinenkugel dark lager comes in dark reddish brown colour which makes it refreshing and delicious brew.
  • Leinenkugel dark lager beer Abv alcohol by volume 4.9% and IBU is 20 (Medium Bitterness Level).
  • Leinenkugel dark lager beer has won gold medals in 2005 and 2006 in Great American Beer Festival under the category of American style Dark lager category beer. Further continuously improving their taste they won silver medals in 2008 and 2013 under the same category.
  •   Leinenkugel Original
  • Leinenkugel original beer is 150 year old brand and first line of production since 1867 when Jacob Leinenkugel founded and started the brewery. Leinenkugel original beer is mixture of classical lager with pale malts and cluster hops having low to medium sweet flavor. Further it was added with American Pilsner which is been less hops and bitterness values as compared to European style pilsner.
  • Leinenkugel original beer Abv alcohol by volume 4.7% and IBU is 17 (Medium Bitterness Level).
  • Leinenkugel Light
  • Leinenkugel light beer is one of the first light lager type beer having a taste of pale malt and refreshing aromas of caramel and fermented red wheat producing smooth golden type beer.   
  • Leinenkugel light beer is mostly deliciously liked by the people with pair foods of pizza, salads or any burger etc.
  • Leinenkugel light beer Abv alcohol by volume 4.7% and 105 calories count whereas it has 5.7 grams carbohydrates.

Mexican Beer History

When Mexican beer Tecate brewery started?

In 1944 Tecate brewery was started by Alberto Aldrete. Alberto started the first small malt factory in tecate and brewing the beer through old traditional practices over the years.

His beer getting popular in local areas of Mexico beer then he named his brew in the name of local town i.e. tecate.

In 1944 alberto decided to run and operate the Mexican beer brewery with professional and using of new modern production technique, for that he took over the old building in Tecate which was build in 1929 which was engaged in of production of vegetables oils.

In this way the Mexican beer tecate brewery was first led and started since 1944.

Alberto have dream to make this local tecate beer brand to be a global Mexico beer brand in future and due to his ambition we seen that tecate beer was getting loved and popularity everywhere in the globe.

The first type of Tecate beer

The first tecate beer was launched in 1944 at the name of Cerveceria Tecate with symbol of red and gold colour symbol with using of brand style of eagle.

This brand was getting very popular in Baja California mexico beer and remarked as most ever-present brand which is been found at everywhere like restaurant, market, bar where this tecate beer is sold.

Since then the famous tecate beer was popular not only in Mexico beer but also across the border of US.   

mexican beer history 2021
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When Tecate beer was globally recognized?

In 1947 Cerveceria Tecate Mexican beer (the first ever started brand) was getting popular internationally because of its unique taste of malt and pilsner type taste hence.

after seeing of its huge demand globally the company has started exported the same beer i.e. Cerveceria Tecate to United States and many other Asian countries.

The Tecate mexican beer demands grow rapidly in many states located near to US –Mexico border like Colorado, Arizona and California Texas, LA (Las Angelis)

Tecate leading Brand in Mexico

In Mids of 1950 Tecate Mexico beer became the second most popular and engaging Mexican beer.

In 1954 Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma taken over the Mexican beer brewery and purchased it’s all production rights.

Since then the Tecate Mexico beer brand have got more wings to rise and became famous in global beer industry.

 Tecate Mexican beer was more recognized globally after being take over by Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma group.

The company has changed the name to “Carveza Tecate”, Mexican beer the company have simple motto it doesn’t matter from you came it all matter about what you served on table.

Keeping in the view of above Tag Lines Company started innovating new things in production lines and hence started first ever “easy open” can in Mexico beer in 1964.

This can opening design still using by all beer brewer industry till date.

Tecate Light beer

When Tecate light beer was launched?

In 1994 Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma group started researching on the behavior of beer lovers.

they came to know from past and future strategy that peoples are now interested and cautious about their health issue; hence mexico beer lovers are avoiding to drink high calories and high content alcohol beer.

After this research company started to make innovative and focused on production of low content alcohol value beer, in this way in 1994 Tecate light Mexican beer was launched by Mr. Hector Emilio Ayala

Who is production head and project manager in the brewery.

Tecate Light Beer type

Tecate light Mexico beer is crispy with light golden color having rich blend aromas having a taste of lager type Mexican beer.

The fermentation process was used during production of Tecate Mexico beer light (the maize, corn and graphs were used as fermentation to make tecate light mexico beer) after the fermentation process.

One type of locally growing plant hops were used to give citrus type flavor to make this Tecate light Mexican beer unique.

tecate light beer
tecate light beer

What does Tecate Light taste like?

Mexican beer Tecate light beer taste is just like slightly bitter and gives a feel of quite crispy and highly carbonated drink which gives a sense of light sweet aroma.

Tecate Mexico beer light is looks like pale yellow color topped with purely white head bubbles which away fast when you put the drink on transparent glass.

Tecate light beer having low alcohol content value i.e. 3.9% of Abv and calories around 111, which makes it favorite and unique for those who interested to drink in light mexican beer categories.

Tecate Light Mexico Beer alcohol content

Tecate light Mexico beer has 3.9% of Abv (Alcohol content volume) and having the low calories value count i.e.111 calories along with lesser IBU value of 7, IBU value determines about the bitterness level.

further, for bitterness level the hops and other fermented crops were used during the production process.

Tecate light beer price

Tecate light mexico beer price are mention below:-

Tecate Light Price in 24 pack,12fl oz cans – $22.98 USD*

Tecate Light price in 12 pack,16 fl oz cans – $12.99 USD*

Tecate Light price in 30 pack,12 fl oz cans – $28.89 USD*

*the price may sometimes change due to promotional offers by offered by online companies or any cash back offers by payment gateways sites.

Tecate light beer near me

You can get tecate light beer via both option i.e. via online and offline.

For online Tecate light beer you can purchase through grocery option of wall-mart etc (online door to door delivery sites).

Tecate Titanium Beer

When Tecate Titanium beer was launched?

In 2019 Tecate Titanium beer brand was launched by Heineken International.

The key factor to launch this brand is that Heineken group recognized the consumer behavior.

Maximum Americans are usually adopted different taste on different days like on Monday some Americans choose IPA type choice.

Lager type brand on Tuesday and Brown ale type choice on Wednesday and sometime 0.0 alcoholic free beers on others days so keeping the consumer behavior and diversified their beer portfolio they launched Tecate Titanium beer.

Tecate Titanium Beer alcohol content

The Alcohol Content in Tecate Titanium is 7.5% Abv (Alcohol content volume) and it has 194 calories count per can.

Motto of the Tecate Titanium brand,” For those who are BOLD” through this motto company attracts young and energetic youth.

Tecate Titanium beer is strong lager type beer which has a bitter taste having touch of strong fermented dried green apple and red grapes, with a blend of slightly sweet alcohol.

This unique combination gives a refreshing and strong taste bud to beer lovers who love strong beer.

Tecate Titanium beer price

Tecate Titanium beer comes in packing of 24 Oz silver cans with easily recognizable brand of T along with mark and logo of eagle chest. The price for Tecate Titanium is $1.99 per can

Tecate Titanium near me

You can get tecate titanium beer via both option i.e. via online and offline stores.

For online tecate titanium beer you can purchased through grocery option of wall-mart etc (online door to door delivery sites).

Tecate Michelada

Mexican traditional recipe Michelada is very famous recipe and getting worldwide popular.

because of its unique taste, under this recipe tomato pulp -juice, spices and lime were used in appropriate ratio and blend with Tecate beer which slightly Spicer and sweet tomato taste to every sip.

Tecate beer taste and this michelada recipe give you soothing and much more refreshing taste to you.

Tecate Diablo

Tecate a leading brand of Heineken group announced and launched a tecate Michelada Diablo beer in 2015.

In this category Heineken targeting the customers who have interested in Michelada receipe, under this category it is mixture of tamato juice spices and some limes as per the taste concentration.

This Tecate Michelada drink is getting more popular and growing rapidly in the United States and other continents, hence Tecate Diablo having a equivalent taste of michelada  launched in 24 oz can format.

Michelada recipe drink segment is rapidly growing in consumer segments with forecast of to more than 100 million users till 2050.

Hence Tecate Diablo targets to this segments of consumers which need something unique taste having more spicer along with flavor of blends tomato’s pulp and limes.

Tecate Diablo beer after launch gets popularity among the consumers, 92% consumers after taste campaign of Diablo, likely to buy Tecate Diablo beer everytime.

Tecate michelada diablo alcohol content volume

Tecate Diablo have 4.5% of Abv (Alcohol content volume) and its has IBU value is 10 (Index for bitterness level in Beer) and calories count of tecate Diablo is 140 calories.

Tecate Diablo price

Tecate michelada Diablo price for each 24 Oz can is approx $2.40*.

History of Mexican beer Tecate Mexico beer

Beer was first introduced by Spanish. The beer was producing in Spain since 1544 when Spain’s king Charles V issued a first permit to Alonso Herrera.

In starting beer was recognized as a status symbol for higher class and upper middle class in Mexico but gradually in 17th and 18th centuries.

The popularity of Mexico beer was increased in social classes hence all big players breweries were decided it to make and produce beer on large scale to fulfill the demand of Mexican beer.

In 20th centuries major players entered into the market and setup brewery plants, in starting major breweries were set up at Mexico City and Puebla town.

But transportation cost and lack of proper transport infrastructure make it impossible to single Mexican beer brewery to complete the demand of the whole area.

hence, only railways networks were build on large scale from Mexico to Unites states.

At the same time foreign investment was also came from Germany and Europeans countries in the Mexico region by having a bright future and huge scope of Mexican beer.

The technology innovation helps the breweries to enhance their production and industrialization growth in this sector.

Over all starting of 19th centuries is booming period for brewery industry in Mexican region and hence since then Mexico beer revolution started.

Mexican beer Brewery groups

There are two major groups in Mexico

1. Grupo Modelo Group

Grupo Modelo Group: – This group is engaged in production of major beer brands of Mexican beers like Corona, Modelo Especial, Negra , Modelo, Pacifico, Victoria, Estrellita, Leon etc. 

At present the group have total 7 Mexican beer breweries in different location of Mexico and at present the total production capacity of all 7 breweries is approx 60 million hectoliters.

They started new brewery setup in Nava (Coahuila) recently which add another 10 million hectoliters to above figures.

 The major popular brand of this group is Corona and Modelo Mexican beer, this beer was started exporting to USA since 1930 and at present exported to 150 countries to all continents.

The Grupo Modelo is world’s 6th largest brewer in the world.

Anheuser Busch InBev takeover Grupo Modelo

In 2013 Anheuser Busch InBev group at present world’s biggest brwewer take over the Mexico’s largest brewer Grupo Modelo in $20.1 billion.

Since then all famous and popular Mexican beer brands of Mexico like corona, Modelo, Pacifico came under the umbrella of  AB Inbev group.

Who owns Modelo in the US?

The production rights of famous brands Grupo Modelo was taken over by AB Inbv in 2013, Since than all the brands production and selling rights of famous Mexican beer brands like Corona, Modelo etc.

Were owned by AB Inbv group in jurisdiction of Unites states.

2. Femsa Group

Femsa Group (Fomento Mexicano):- this group is the oldest major Mexican beer producer in Mexico.

They started their first beer production unit in Monterrey region of Mexico in 1890s since then they setup various breweries in the Mexico region and became the major Mexico beer producer.

They setup their brewery in name of Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma brewery.

In starting of 19th centuries to mid of century they started takeover of small brewery groups under their stake.

The famous beer brands of this groups are like:- Tecate Beer, Sol, Bohemia, Dos Equis, Superior etc.

They’re brewing capacity is approx 31 million hectoliters of beers in a year. Further their three brands were ranked in top three brands in Mexico.

In 2010 Heineken International group takeover Tecate Sol and Dos Equis brand from Femsa group.

In 2010 Heineken Amsterdam Based Group purchased the production and global marketing rights from the Mexico’s Fomento Económico Mexicano (Femsa) group in $7.6 billion.

Since after 2010 Heineken a Dutch based global brewer who owned and brew Amstel and other famous Mexican beer, have expands its operation in Mexico and controls Femsa major exported brands Equis.

When did Heineken buy Tecate?

In 2010 Heineken Dutch based Group deal with Femsa Group in $7.1 Billion to take over the production and marketing and selling rights of Mexican famous beer brands like Tecate Sol, Dos-Equis etc.

What is Heineken plan for tecate beer brand?

Heineken International diversified his business through geographical location and started invest in famous and popular Mexican beer.

In 2010 they purchased all rights of Tecate sol and Dos-Equis brands.

They also takeover two major Mexican beer brewery in Mexico that are Tecate brewery and Meoqui brewery.

under this both brewer, Heineken International Group invested more than 7 Billion peso

i.e. approx of $470 Million in production and marketing of these famous Mexicans brands to make global brand. In 2017, Heineken group started selling Tecate beer brand globally.