Best places to visit in Tecate Mexico 2021

  • Once you hear the name of Tecate Mexico you feel pleasure with imagination of relax and rejuvenate of your life. Small town Tecate with its cool and calm climate with long drive through terrains of beautiful landscapes of rock, mountains and hills gives you joy and thrill.
  • Tecate Mexico has rich stories of its heritage, cultural and arts work which attracts every age group of people. For leisure activity there are lots of good resorts having facility of spa and health rejuvenate service which give complete relaxation during your break and stay at Tecate. Many resorts also provide outing and camping activity service for fulfillment of your adventure.

Best places categorize as to visit in Tecate Mexico.

1) Relax and leisure activity in tecate Mexico:-

• Rancho la puerta-

tecate mexico 2021
Rancho la
  • Rancho la puerta The best rated and beautiful resort of Tecate Mexico surrounded with greenery, rich look ambience which make complete peace and give you suitable place for yoga and meditation. This resort also has wellness and spa centers, pools for aquatic aerobic. Overall you can enjoy as couple or as family trip.

2) Adventure, Camping & Outdoor activities

• Canada Del Sol

  • This is the best site for camping and outing with all others outdoor activities. On this site you will get cabins on rents which have all facility camping area, grills for barbecue along with attached toilets.

tecate mexico 2021
Canada Del Sol-best-places-tecate-mexico
  • This camp site have all sports facilities like swimming pool, grounds like basketball, volleyball, soccer’s for day activities. For other adventure activities they have zip lines. Overall it covers all your adventure and fun activity.

3) Tecate Brewery

  • Tecate Mexico famous name recognized in whole world for its famous Tecate Mexico beer brand brewery i.e. Tecate. This brewery was set up in 1940 and have history and production of the most popular beer brand of Mexico i.e. Tecate beer, you can take a guide to take a factory tour, during your visit you will get to know about how it was created and what unique and different taste of Tecate beer is.

Tecate Brewery

  • Today tecate brewery was owned and managed by Heineken International is Dutch brewing Company, which controls 90% of the Mexican beer market and produced 2.0 million barrels of beers annually.

4) Historical Place in tecate

• Zona Arqueologico de Vallecitos

tecate mexico 2021
Zona Arqueologico de
  • This is an ancient site having cave paintings on terrains La Rumorosa Mountains. This site is also suitable for your day trek and other outing activities.

• Community Museum Kumiai

tecate mexico 2021-Kumiai-Museum-tecate-mexico
Community Museum Kumiai-tecate-mexico
  • This is oldest museum of tecate Mexico, still maintain with clean and good ambience having all information about traditional cultural and other historic value of tecate in both Spanish and English language to the visitors.

5) Parks

• Parque Miguel Hidalgo.

tecate mexico 2021-Parque Miguel Hidalgo
Parque Miguel Hidalgo-tecate-mexico
  • This is beautiful park located in centre of tecate town surrounding with greenery and having beautiful landscape gardens with good maintenance. You can spare with leisure walk activity here. The park also have cafeteria where you can enjoy your taste of coffee with cool and calm environment.

6) Unique food and Taste

• Bread of Tecate

tecate mexico 2021-El Mejor Pan de Tecate
tecate mexico 2021-El Mejor Pan de Tecate
  • Tecate Mexico is also known for its making process of sweet bread, pastries and others bakes items having specialty of  different artisanal fresh aroma, with different flavor of fruits and some local grains. Because of uniqueness, softness and freshness of breads, tecate is also called capital of breads. Traditionally they called as “Pan Dulce” which is Spanish word. The famous bakery of tecate is “El Mejor Pan De Tecate Mexico”, which is been awarded in food category.

For stay in tecate

  • There are many four-star category and budget category hotels are available in Tecate Mexico.
  • Tecate Mexico popular four-star category hotels are
  • Resort Rancho La Puerta etc
  • Hotel Kumiai Inn.
  • Hotel Hacienda Santana.
  • Hotel Santuario Diegueno.
  • Hotel Estancia Inn.
  • These hotels have good Ambience and amenities like Swimming-pool, gardens, Wi-Fi, Banquets, centric located with full cleanliness and hygienic housekeeping service. These hotels also surrounded with Mountain View, garden view, lake view etc, unique food taste and most important part the price factor as compare to United States hotels.
  • The best budget hotels in tecate Mexico are
  • Rancho Tecate Resort.
  • Capital O Hotel Villa Azura.
  • aeQuilibrium Healing Cabin.
  • These hotels are also recommended for comfortable and safe stay within the budget category. These basic amenities in the above hotels are like Cable TV service, free toiletries, daily housekeeping, free Wi-fi, Good facility with shared kitchen options etc.
  • The average price for hotels in tecate is as mention below:-
Category Hotels Weekdays (Monday-Friday) Weekends (Saturday-Sunday)
4 Stars Hotels $75 – $105 per night* $85- $130 per night*
3 Star Hotels $55- $ 65 per night* $ 75-$ 95 per night*
Budget Hotels $35 -$45 per night* $45 – $55 per night*


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