Famous Street Foods in Tecate Mexico 2021

Tecate Mexico famous Street Foods and Dishes

1) Tacos:-

tecate mexico 2021-Tacos
  • Tacos are very famous traditional in Tecate Mexico, Mexican food which is made of small sized of corns or wheat tortilla which is been topped or filled with many sauces or salsa’s, which also included beef, pork chicken seafood’s, beans or any vegetables cheese as per the customer’s choice and taste. Tacos are now very common on menu cards of all restaurants around the world.

2) Burrito:

tecate mexico 2021-Burrito-tecate-mexico

  • Burrito is a dish in Tecate Mexico which was made from Corn flour tortilla wrapped in cylindrical shape along with sealed from one side and then filled with seasonal vegetables, cheese, or with meat such as fried and baked chicken pieces, beef, pork includes some ingredients of spices o give some unique taste. The Tortilla can also be steamed, fried or grilled as per the customer taste.

3) Chilaquiles:-

tecate mexico 2021-Chilaquiles

  • Its simple means chilies and greens, it is traditionally in Tecate Mexico Mexican dishes making from steamed or grilled Corn tortilla cutting the tortilla into four pieces and then slightly fried with low flame of gas and then wrapped chilies and greens vegetables along with Green or red salsa as per the choice. To give some more unique taste you may add cheese or another flavor.

4) Birria:-

tecate mexico 2021-Birria
  • This is a famous local dish of Jalisco states in Tecate Mexico. This dish specially made from goat meat, but rather than now days it is also made from beef, mutton and through chicken also. After properly fried, grilled or steamed the meat is served with corn tortilla along with onion and some raw seasonal vegetables and after that adding with lime as topping. The special quality of this meat is that it is grilled or steamed some local’s chilies, sauces and local spices which give a unique taste.   

5) Nachos:-

tecate mexico 2021-Nachos-tecate-mexico
  • Nachos are regional dishes which is made of fried tortilla chips which was dipped out from melted cheese and butter than after it was served with appetizer or varieties of snacks and vegetables along with different sauces. 

6) Enchilada:-

tecate mexico 2021-Enchilada
  • This is special Mexican dish which is been made of corn tortilla rolled and filled with chopped vegetables green and red sauce along with various ingredients of spices, including of meats, potatoes and salsa’s.


1. What is Mexico famous for?

  • Tecate Mexico is famous for its traditional foods and dishes  like  tacos, tortillas, burritos, Nachos etc and drink like tequila is also famous for brewing of wines and world-famous beer like corona, Tecate sol etc., further for being the origin of chocolate and coco beans. Mexico is also famous for its beautiful beaches and one of famous city or tourist destinations like Cancun, tecate and unfortunately, drug cartels.

2.What is traditional New Mexican food?

  • New Mexican foods include or using of beef, pork, chicken enchiladas, cheese tacos, tamales, green adovada with red chili, burritos, stuffed with green chilies than put on deep fried

3.What is traditional Mexican food like?

  • Traditionally Mexicans foods include corn based tortillas which was either steamed or grilled as per the taste. Traditionally in Tecate Mexico no wheat tortillas were used. The corn based tortilla is used in various types of dishes like tacos, crispy tacos, nachos, Burrito etc, including of various ingredients and cheese.

4.What is real authentic Mexican food?

  • The real and authentic Mexican food is derived from ancient peoples of Aztec, Maya Indians and then Spanish traditions were added in Mexican Cuisine. In short the corn based tortilla along with green and red chilies flavor were used in making various types of crispy and spicy dishes, in additional for having non- veg taste the meat like chicken, pork or fishes were added after having fried in olive oil.

5. What are the traditional foods in Mexico?

  • Tecate Mexico is known for its unique taste of traditional foods specially making from corn tortilla which is being wrapped or topped with different varieties of sauce, chilies or using of additional chopped vegetables or meat like chicken, beef fork etc. Some of special items of Mexico are listed below:-  
  • Tacos
  • Burrito
  • Nachos
  • Pozole
  • Tostadas
  • Enchiladas
  • Mole


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