When Mexican beer Tecate brewery started?

In 1944 Tecate brewery was started by Alberto Aldrete. Alberto started the first small malt factory in tecate and brewing the beer through old traditional practices over the years.

His beer getting popular in local areas of Mexico beer then he named his brew in the name of local town i.e. tecate.

In 1944 alberto decided to run and operate the Mexican beer brewery with professional and using of new modern production technique, for that he took over the old building in Tecate which was build in 1929 which was engaged in of production of vegetables oils.

In this way the Mexican beer tecate brewery was first led and started since 1944.

Alberto have dream to make this local tecate beer brand to be a global Mexico beer brand in future and due to his ambition we seen that tecate beer was getting loved and popularity everywhere in the globe.

The first type of Tecate beer

The first tecate beer was launched in 1944 at the name of Cerveceria Tecate with symbol of red and gold colour symbol with using of brand style of eagle.

This brand was getting very popular in Baja California mexico beer and remarked as most ever-present brand which is been found at everywhere like restaurant, market, bar where this tecate beer is sold.

Since then the famous tecate beer was popular not only in Mexico beer but also across the border of US.   

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When Tecate beer was globally recognized?

In 1947 Cerveceria Tecate Mexican beer (the first ever started brand) was getting popular internationally because of its unique taste of malt and pilsner type taste hence.

after seeing of its huge demand globally the company has started exported the same beer i.e. Cerveceria Tecate to United States and many other Asian countries.

The Tecate mexican beer demands grow rapidly in many states located near to US –Mexico border like Colorado, Arizona and California Texas, LA (Las Angelis)

Tecate leading Brand in Mexico

In Mids of 1950 Tecate Mexico beer became the second most popular and engaging Mexican beer.

In 1954 Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma taken over the Mexican beer brewery and purchased it’s all production rights.

Since then the Tecate Mexico beer brand have got more wings to rise and became famous in global beer industry.

 Tecate Mexican beer was more recognized globally after being take over by Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma group.

The company has changed the name to “Carveza Tecate”, Mexican beer the company have simple motto it doesn’t matter from you came it all matter about what you served on table.

Keeping in the view of above Tag Lines Company started innovating new things in production lines and hence started first ever “easy open” can in Mexico beer in 1964.

This can opening design still using by all beer brewer industry till date.

Tecate Light beer

When Tecate light beer was launched?

In 1994 Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma group started researching on the behavior of beer lovers.

they came to know from past and future strategy that peoples are now interested and cautious about their health issue; hence mexico beer lovers are avoiding to drink high calories and high content alcohol beer.

After this research company started to make innovative and focused on production of low content alcohol value beer, in this way in 1994 Tecate light Mexican beer was launched by Mr. Hector Emilio Ayala

Who is production head and project manager in the brewery.

Tecate Light Beer type

Tecate light Mexico beer is crispy with light golden color having rich blend aromas having a taste of lager type Mexican beer.

The fermentation process was used during production of Tecate Mexico beer light (the maize, corn and graphs were used as fermentation to make tecate light mexico beer) after the fermentation process.

One type of locally growing plant hops were used to give citrus type flavor to make this Tecate light Mexican beer unique.

tecate light beer
tecate light beer

What does Tecate Light taste like?

Mexican beer Tecate light beer taste is just like slightly bitter and gives a feel of quite crispy and highly carbonated drink which gives a sense of light sweet aroma.

Tecate Mexico beer light is looks like pale yellow color topped with purely white head bubbles which away fast when you put the drink on transparent glass.

Tecate light beer having low alcohol content value i.e. 3.9% of Abv and calories around 111, which makes it favorite and unique for those who interested to drink in light mexican beer categories.

Tecate Light Mexico Beer alcohol content

Tecate light Mexico beer has 3.9% of Abv (Alcohol content volume) and having the low calories value count i.e.111 calories along with lesser IBU value of 7, IBU value determines about the bitterness level.

further, for bitterness level the hops and other fermented crops were used during the production process.

Tecate light beer price

Tecate light mexico beer price are mention below:-

Tecate Light Price in 24 pack,12fl oz cans – $22.98 USD*

Tecate Light price in 12 pack,16 fl oz cans – $12.99 USD*

Tecate Light price in 30 pack,12 fl oz cans – $28.89 USD*

*the price may sometimes change due to promotional offers by offered by online companies or any cash back offers by payment gateways sites.

Tecate light beer near me

You can get tecate light beer via both option i.e. via online and offline.

For online Tecate light beer you can purchase through grocery option of wall-mart etc (online door to door delivery sites).

Tecate Titanium Beer

When Tecate Titanium beer was launched?

In 2019 Tecate Titanium beer brand was launched by Heineken International.

The key factor to launch this brand is that Heineken group recognized the consumer behavior.

Maximum Americans are usually adopted different taste on different days like on Monday some Americans choose IPA type choice.

Lager type brand on Tuesday and Brown ale type choice on Wednesday and sometime 0.0 alcoholic free beers on others days so keeping the consumer behavior and diversified their beer portfolio they launched Tecate Titanium beer.

Tecate Titanium Beer alcohol content

The Alcohol Content in Tecate Titanium is 7.5% Abv (Alcohol content volume) and it has 194 calories count per can.

Motto of the Tecate Titanium brand,” For those who are BOLD” through this motto company attracts young and energetic youth.

Tecate Titanium beer is strong lager type beer which has a bitter taste having touch of strong fermented dried green apple and red grapes, with a blend of slightly sweet alcohol.

This unique combination gives a refreshing and strong taste bud to beer lovers who love strong beer.

Tecate Titanium beer price

Tecate Titanium beer comes in packing of 24 Oz silver cans with easily recognizable brand of T along with mark and logo of eagle chest. The price for Tecate Titanium is $1.99 per can

Tecate Titanium near me

You can get tecate titanium beer via both option i.e. via online and offline stores.

For online tecate titanium beer you can purchased through grocery option of wall-mart etc (online door to door delivery sites).

Tecate Michelada

Mexican traditional recipe Michelada is very famous recipe and getting worldwide popular.

because of its unique taste, under this recipe tomato pulp -juice, spices and lime were used in appropriate ratio and blend with Tecate beer which slightly Spicer and sweet tomato taste to every sip.

Tecate beer taste and this michelada recipe give you soothing and much more refreshing taste to you.

Tecate Diablo

Tecate a leading brand of Heineken group announced and launched a tecate Michelada Diablo beer in 2015.

In this category Heineken targeting the customers who have interested in Michelada receipe, under this category it is mixture of tamato juice spices and some limes as per the taste concentration.

This Tecate Michelada drink is getting more popular and growing rapidly in the United States and other continents, hence Tecate Diablo having a equivalent taste of michelada  launched in 24 oz can format.

Michelada recipe drink segment is rapidly growing in consumer segments with forecast of to more than 100 million users till 2050.

Hence Tecate Diablo targets to this segments of consumers which need something unique taste having more spicer along with flavor of blends tomato’s pulp and limes.

Tecate Diablo beer after launch gets popularity among the consumers, 92% consumers after taste campaign of Diablo, likely to buy Tecate Diablo beer everytime.

Tecate michelada diablo alcohol content volume

Tecate Diablo have 4.5% of Abv (Alcohol content volume) and its has IBU value is 10 (Index for bitterness level in Beer) and calories count of tecate Diablo is 140 calories.

Tecate Diablo price

Tecate michelada Diablo price for each 24 Oz can is approx $2.40*.

History of Mexican beer Tecate Mexico beer

Beer was first introduced by Spanish. The beer was producing in Spain since 1544 when Spain’s king Charles V issued a first permit to Alonso Herrera.

In starting beer was recognized as a status symbol for higher class and upper middle class in Mexico but gradually in 17th and 18th centuries.

The popularity of Mexico beer was increased in social classes hence all big players breweries were decided it to make and produce beer on large scale to fulfill the demand of Mexican beer.

In 20th centuries major players entered into the market and setup brewery plants, in starting major breweries were set up at Mexico City and Puebla town.

But transportation cost and lack of proper transport infrastructure make it impossible to single Mexican beer brewery to complete the demand of the whole area.

hence, only railways networks were build on large scale from Mexico to Unites states.

At the same time foreign investment was also came from Germany and Europeans countries in the Mexico region by having a bright future and huge scope of Mexican beer.

The technology innovation helps the breweries to enhance their production and industrialization growth in this sector.

Over all starting of 19th centuries is booming period for brewery industry in Mexican region and hence since then Mexico beer revolution started.

Mexican beer Brewery groups

There are two major groups in Mexico

1. Grupo Modelo Group

Grupo Modelo Group: – This group is engaged in production of major beer brands of Mexican beers like Corona, Modelo Especial, Negra , Modelo, Pacifico, Victoria, Estrellita, Leon etc. 

At present the group have total 7 Mexican beer breweries in different location of Mexico and at present the total production capacity of all 7 breweries is approx 60 million hectoliters.

They started new brewery setup in Nava (Coahuila) recently which add another 10 million hectoliters to above figures.

 The major popular brand of this group is Corona and Modelo Mexican beer, this beer was started exporting to USA since 1930 and at present exported to 150 countries to all continents.

The Grupo Modelo is world’s 6th largest brewer in the world.

Anheuser Busch InBev takeover Grupo Modelo

In 2013 Anheuser Busch InBev group at present world’s biggest brwewer take over the Mexico’s largest brewer Grupo Modelo in $20.1 billion.

Since then all famous and popular Mexican beer brands of Mexico like corona, Modelo, Pacifico came under the umbrella of  AB Inbev group.

Who owns Modelo in the US?

The production rights of famous brands Grupo Modelo was taken over by AB Inbv in 2013, Since than all the brands production and selling rights of famous Mexican beer brands like Corona, Modelo etc.

Were owned by AB Inbv group in jurisdiction of Unites states.

2. Femsa Group

Femsa Group (Fomento Mexicano):- this group is the oldest major Mexican beer producer in Mexico.

They started their first beer production unit in Monterrey region of Mexico in 1890s since then they setup various breweries in the Mexico region and became the major Mexico beer producer.

They setup their brewery in name of Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma brewery.

In starting of 19th centuries to mid of century they started takeover of small brewery groups under their stake.

The famous beer brands of this groups are like:- Tecate Beer, Sol, Bohemia, Dos Equis, Superior etc.

They’re brewing capacity is approx 31 million hectoliters of beers in a year. Further their three brands were ranked in top three brands in Mexico.

In 2010 Heineken International group takeover Tecate Sol and Dos Equis brand from Femsa group.

In 2010 Heineken Amsterdam Based Group purchased the production and global marketing rights from the Mexico’s Fomento Económico Mexicano (Femsa) group in $7.6 billion.

Since after 2010 Heineken a Dutch based global brewer who owned and brew Amstel and other famous Mexican beer, have expands its operation in Mexico and controls Femsa major exported brands Equis.

When did Heineken buy Tecate?

In 2010 Heineken Dutch based Group deal with Femsa Group in $7.1 Billion to take over the production and marketing and selling rights of Mexican famous beer brands like Tecate Sol, Dos-Equis etc.

What is Heineken plan for tecate beer brand?

Heineken International diversified his business through geographical location and started invest in famous and popular Mexican beer.

In 2010 they purchased all rights of Tecate sol and Dos-Equis brands.

They also takeover two major Mexican beer brewery in Mexico that are Tecate brewery and Meoqui brewery.

under this both brewer, Heineken International Group invested more than 7 Billion peso

i.e. approx of $470 Million in production and marketing of these famous Mexicans brands to make global brand. In 2017, Heineken group started selling Tecate beer brand globally.


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