Tecate baja California( 2021 )

  • Tecate is a small town located near the US-Mexico border and was a port of entry while you are coming from the USA to Mexico. Tecate is town under the Municipal region of Tijuana, State of Baja California.
  • Now first we understand that the California is common name region falls in south west region of United States and in Northern west region of Mexico. The name of states in USA is name as California only whereas the region named in Tecate Mexico is Baja California.
  • Tecate is small town having a cool and calm climate, surrounded with beautiful landscapes of mountains.

tecate mexico california 2021

Tecate California USA

  • Tecate California is beautiful and most populous city of the United States. California is the third largest area in the US after Alaska and Texas states. The capital of California is Sacramento.
  • California USA famous cities are like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Oakland etc.

The famous tourist destination in Tecate California

  • The famous tourist destination in Tecate California are like Redwood National park, It covered with large scale of forest and also have beautiful resorts covered with greenery which gives you lot of peaceful environment, California is also known for its beautiful beaches like Venice Beach, Beautiful and green national parks like Yosemite and world famous tourist destination like Disneyland etc.
  • California USA Tecate is also famous for its wine growing region. Their local fertile soil with enrich of minerals gives a unique taste in ingredients of wines. The California states have diversified tourist destination for every age group.
  • The state various outing and outdoor activities are like Silicon Valley, Alcatraz, Angel Island, the Golden Gate Bridge, Death Valley, Redwood Trees, The Land of Milk and Honey, Adventure Surfing in beautiful ocean beaches,
  • World famous film Industry- Hollywood, Hollywood is lies in the central region of the Tecate California state. These are the main things which made California so popular among the tourists
  • California is most leading state in field of agriculture production of United States.

California USA Major Cites

  • Los Angeles city of Tecate California is most populous and largest city of California and second largest city of United States after New York City. The gross economy of California USA is around of $3.2 trillion in 2019, having consisted of Los Angeles and San Francisco economy of $1.0 Trillion and $0.5 trillion respectively. California would be sixth largest economy of the world, if it counts as a separate country whereas at present it is largest sub national economy of the world.
tecate mexico 2021
tecate mexico california 2021

History of Tecate California USA

  1. The first peoples settled in California are Chumash, Alliklik, Kitanemuk, Serrano, Gabrielino Luiseno Cahuilla, and the Kumeyaay these peoples are called Native California tribes. In 16th and 17th centuries many European especially Spanish empires were traveled to California and make their own colonized.
  2. They made various provinces under the Viceroy of Spain. The whole California region is part of Mexico in1821 after the conquered successfully of the War of Independence, but the US again conquered the region in 1848 after the Mexican American War.
  3. California having a border with Oregon states to the north, Nevada and Arizona to the east and the Mexican state of Baja California to the south.
  4.  The whole region surrounded with mountains and forest like Sierra Nevada range in east and Redwood forest range in northwest region. Further some low range mountains and beautiful terrains in USA Mexico borders towards the south

Baja California

  • Baja California became a sovereign State of Mexico in 1952. Before become of state the region was known as North territory of Baja California, the region is surrounded on the west by Pacific Ocean in north having border of California states of US –Mexico,
  • towards the south it has Baja California Sur. Overall Baja California is surrounded from beaches to forest and become the 12th largest state by area of the Mexican country.

Baja California major cities.

  • The main cities of Baja California are Mexicali where approx 50 % of state populations live, Ensenada, Tijuana, Rosarito, San Felipe and Tecate are some other famous cities having their special cultural and economical values.

La Rumorosa

  • La Rumorosa is a small town located in Tecate Municipal of Baja California States of Mexico. La Rumorosa is famous for its variable rock formation mountains it has some perfectly curved roads which give you thrilling feels when you go for long drive,
  • The drive on these highways is just like dreams comes true especially if you are bike rides. This road is lies between Mexicali and Tecate. This highways is section of Sierra Juarez from Tecate to the plains of Laguna Salada stretched towards Mexicali.,
  • It also crosses the international border from Jacumba hot springs, California. The la Rumorosa with different rocks with peaceful environment, curved roads contains Native Americans cave painting, which attracts many tourists now days.

Ensenada City

  • Ensenada is the third largest municipal city of Baja California State, surrounded with many costal lines of the Pacific Ocean. Ensenada is now days emerging as famous cruise ship destination, aerospace center and having a world-famous Wine region i.e. Valley of Guadalupe. 
  • The port of Ensenada plays an important role in commercial activity of the region. This port is received approx more than 70000 cruise passengers in a year. This city is also base of Navy, Army and Military airfield of Mexican armed forces.

Valley de Guadalupe

  • Guadalupe valley is famous for a wine region and the region is come under the Municipality of Ensenada city. Baja California, Mexico. This valley is getting very famous and popular because of more than 100 Wineries having of different wine taste of this wine region.
  • This wine region (Guadalupe) is 110 km far away from San-Diego to Tijuana approx of 2.45 hours drive.
  • The local winemakers of Baja California started cultivating of grapes since 1990, the local fertile soil and rich of minerals in water gives unique taste to graphs, which was further used for fermentation and accordingly uses with another ingredients to make different types of wines. This valley celebrates various functions like Wine tasting sessions, concerts.
  • Some most famous wineries at Valley de Guadalupe is L.ACetto, Monte Xanic, Adobe Guadalupe, Las Nubes, El Cielo, Trevista, Vena Cava etc.

1- How far is Valle de Guadalupe from Tijuana?

  • The distance between Tijuana to Valley de Guadalupe is approx 65 km and time takes approx 1.15 hours while you drive with your own vehicle. Whereas same distance would from San-Diego of California, USA is approx 110 km and travel time is approx 2.45 hours.

2- How many wineries are in Valle de Guadalupe?

  • There are more than 100 wineries in the valley de Guadalupe. They made different types and taste of wines with more than 100 over brands. Some of famous wineries in the region are L.ACetto, Monte Xanic, Adobe Guadalupe, Las Nubes, El Cielo, Trevista, Vena Cava etc.

3- How much does wine taste in Valle de Guadalupe?

  • Valley de Guadalupe is famous tourist destination now days because of its unique and different types of wine making production in more than 100 wineries. The wine testing tour is one of the famous activities in the region which cost to $ 195 USD per person, which includes wine tasting, food and transfer from Villa or resorts.

4- Where is Mexico’s wine country?

  • Baja California State of Mexico is the key wine region in Mexico, which produce approx 75% of Mexican wine. There is also world famous tecate brewery which is hold and manages by Heineken International, Dutch company. This region have large scale of farms in which they are growing grapes, especially grapes of more than 100 different types of verities, barley, rich source and content of Maize which all when processed through fermentation gives a unique taste to Wine and beer of Mexico.


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