Tecate place is very small town of Baja California of Mexico states. For the short form of Mexico is recognized as Mx.

So tecate Mx is tecate Mexico which is becoming now global brand for tourist spot and as well as famous brand of pale lager beer in tecate brewery. 

Tecate Mx is well known beer and getting more popular nowadays.

This beer was brewed in tecate brewery (tecate Mx- tecate Mexico), which own and manages by Heineken International.

Recently Heineken International has invested and expands its brewery for more production of tecate beer.

There is lot of tourist sport in Tecate Mx (tecate Mexico) and best part is that it shares international border with California of United states, because of this most Americans adopted weekends tours plan to visit tecate Mx.

There are many fold reasons for small weekends tour to tecate Mx like peaceful environment, all adventure, outing and trekking terrains like tecate peak, la Rumorosa, Zona Arqueologico de Vallecitos etc.,

luxuries four star categories hotels which have all amenities within your budget stay and most important part of tecate town is its world famous tecate brewery plant which is producing pale lager type beer with brand name of tecate.

This brewery has all modern and applied new technology of production of pale type lager beer.

Details you need before visit to tecate Mx

  • You need passport, while returning from mexico you need to give American citizen proof.
  • The fees of $5 in Tecate CA border you can also walk across from there.
  • For any guidance you get bill board direction wriiten both in English and Spanish language.
  • If you have planned to visit tecate brewery than please note that tecate brewery is not opened on Sunday so before plan check out its opening timing etc.

Tecate Mx Peak (tecate peak)

The most famous peak located on the US-Mexico border. This tecate peak is located under the jurisdiction of California USA side.

Here you can enjoy the moment of leisure walk with feel of cool breeze and having a fun with famous global brand of chilled tecate beer.

Tecate Mx peak is approx 2000 ft above from the sea level.

You can park your car near the sign board “International Border 1500 ft” from their you can start your trek your leisure walk towards the top of Tecate peak.

People loves here to come and enjoy their leisure walk up to the peak and enjoy their leisure time with cool and chilled global tecate beer brand.

You can get beer as per your choice and favor like you can choice tecate original, tecate light, tecate titanium or tecate Diablo. Some of good road restaurant are also famous for their local Mexican (Tecate Mx cuisines).

Tecate Mx Brewery

The special thing of tecate Mx is that it is very small town of Baja California states of Mexico and having a population of 100000 people’s approx.

but still you will find car traffic standards and modern art of decorative building having good and hygienic restaurants, bakeries, big grocery stores, good hospitals and Luxuries hotels etc.


While walk towards the town you will also find world famous and oldest brewery i.e. tecate which is been now reconstructed and renovated with implementing of new technology for production of beer.

This brewery was managed by Heineken International group and presently this brewery is globally famous because of its global brand of Tecate which is also been exported from this brewery to the world wide.

You can also get pass for tour of brewery, the pass or ticket for brewery tours also includes free beer or any soda mix as per your taste you deserve for.

There is lot of positive reviews received about from across the travelers about this brewery.

The main attraction of this brewery is, their main core production unit where they renovated and convert all traditional production line into a new modern science and technology production line.

The process for keep fermentation of maize barley and other ingredients is also very much liked by tourist.

This brewery at present producing four main category of tecate beer i.e. are Tecate original, Tecate light beer , Tecate titanium beer and tecate Diablo (A new and recent launch).

Tourist places in Tecate Mx

There is a lot of things you can do in Tecate Mx. The first and most important part of Tecate Mx is its cool and pleasant environment which helps to enjoy their leisure time in Tecate Mx.

There are lot activities to do in tecate like adventure activity to historical walks place and have beautiful parks surrounded with good and clean hygienic cafes.

You can also read things to do in tecate mexico

Where you can spend relax time with your partner. The famous places are like:-

Parque Miguel Hidalgo

The famous and most relax beautiful park having cool and pleasant environment surrounded with greenery.

This park is located in middle of the town. Tourist after visited to nearby Historical place came here to make some relax and enjoy the free time with surrounded with green views.

tecate mexico 2021-Parque Miguel Hidalgo-tecate-mexico
Parque Miguel Hidalgo-tecate-mexico

In this park you will also found some good cafes and bakery shops where you can have some small brunches of fast food and coffee.

Zona Arqueologico de Vallecitos

This site is recognized as most ancient and archaeological site located near of La Rumorosa Mountains and way to go for this site is through Tecate Mx and Mexicali highway.

During the drive through you can also enjoy the local site seen and thrilling view points of La Rumorosa terrains.

La Rumorosa terrains are basically rock forming terrains.

Through pass this terrains you reached at ancient sites of 18 different cave paintings.

This cave paintings were decorated on the rocks with different colors of red black and white by old kumeyaay (Kumiai) tribal’s groups.

According to the sources this paintings are 3000 years old and at present 6 cave paintings sites are opened for the tourist.

These painting indicated about the old traditional practice hunting and harvesting methods of vegetables and fruits by old kumiai peoples.

Overall this site is very peaceful and best to for camping for some time.

Community Museum Kumiai

This is a very old museum in tecate town which having a historical values of tecate old cultural and traditional information.

This museum is divided into three different parts showing the pre-history of old kumiai ancient peoples, second part where you will get the information about ranches and finally at third part you will get tecate architecture and historic monuments information’s.

In this museum have collection of varieties of pictures old art craft and some old sculptures.

This museum is also having small botanical garden where you can get very informative knowledge about traditional herbs and their medical uses and benefits.

This Museum also have shop where you will find good collection of antique art and craft items old traditionally designed jewellery etc.

Canada Del Sol

This is famous site seen for camping and other adventure activity.

You can enjoy your adventure and outdoor trips with your family or couples or with friends.

These sites have private cabins and villas on rent. These villas and cabins have separate and private space where you can cook or grilled your own taste food on barbeques.

At Canada del sol you will get pool where you can enjoy the aquatic sports.

There many sports complex like basketball court volley ball court etc.

This site management also provides you bike and other vehicles for day and night safari on rented basis.

Best hotels in Tecate Mx

There are several five to four star categories hotels to many budget hotels in tecate Mx.

The most important part of tecate Mx four star rated hotels is that they provide all the luxuries facilities within reasonable price as compared to Hotels of California, United states.

The top rated hotels in tecate Mx are like:

Rancho La Puerta Resort

This is famous 4 star category resorts in tecate Mx which is having excellent reviews on many travel websites.

This resorts is chosen by many Americans as a weekends relaxations because this report have facilities like Spa and wellness centre where you have teach about meditation and free yoga classes.

Big size pool where many aquatic yoga were also teaches. This resort also have large acres of land where they grown old traditional herbs and organic farming.

The resorts also provide modern Gymnasium, it also has sports courts for many sports like tennis, basketball volley-ball courts etc. The average price for couple stay at this resort is $125 – $250 per night.

best hotels in tecate mexico

Hotel Hacienda Santana (Santa Veronica Resort)

This is also four star rated category hotel in tecate Mx. This resort is also known as santa Veronica resort.

This resort have all facility like large gardens bar lounge, Big Business conference centers, children’s play area etc.

The rooms are also very clean and hygienic having all facility of AC, Iron and tea coffee maker. Santa Veronica resort is especially known for its traditional Spa and wellness provide services one of its specially spa service i.e. Temazcal spa

Which is old traditional Mexican spa therapy which is been very famous in Americans. Through this service have many health benefits.  The average price for this resort for one night stay is approx $90 -$115.

Hotel Kumiai Inn

4 star category hotel best and fabulous rating by tourist in many travel websites.

This hotel has facilities like Swimming pool, Fitness centre like Gym, Bar lounge, Business conference rooms with accesses internet and Wi-Fi service.

The rooms have many categories like City view rooms, pool side view rooms, Garden view rooms, mountain views rooms etc.

which give you many options to select as per your preference. The average price for one night stay at this resort is approx $95 to $125.

Hotel Estancia Inn

This is also 4 star rated hotels in tecate Mx. This hotel have swimming pool, Gym, Big size conference halls.

The rooms also found very neat and clean, in room service they provide all facilities like mini refrigerator, microwave oven, Barbeque grills etc.

And small size Kitchen area for cooking, where you can make or grilled your own barbeque during free time. The average price for stay one night is approx $85 to$125.

Hotel Santuario Diegueno

star rated hotel This hotels have free internet (Wi-Fi) service, swimming pool, Gyms area for workout.

Large size banquet hall for any celebration. Overall this hotel also gets good reviews in term of its housekeeping service and large and spacious rooms and unique ambience.

The average price for stay in this Hotel is approx $110-$125 per night.

         Budget friendly hotels at tecate Mx

There are many budget friendly hotels in Tecate Mx like Rancho Tecate resort, Capital O Hotel Villa Azura and aeQuilibrium Healing cabin etc.

These hotels provide all basic facilities like Cabel TV, daily housekeeping service free Wi-Fi etc.

You can also book budget friendly hotels through Air BNB websites where many budget hotels or PG rooms where registered and provide the rooms with attach baths and common facility of like hot water, TV and Blankets etc.

The average price for is approx $40 to $55 per night couple stay.

best hotels in tecate mexico

Best Restaurant and top dishes of Tecate Mx

Tecate Mx (Mexico Cuisine) established as world famous and unique taste of culinary destination in whole worlds. Mexico cuisines are now worlds famous dine in recipe for many big hotels and restaurant.

Amores Restaurant

This restaurant is best rated restaurant, having good ambience and special unique technique to make typical Mexican dishes. One of the famous Tecate Mx dish i.e. Roasted Snapper with Blue Corn Pulcan is special dish of this Amores restaurant.

This dish was made through special French technique with skill of using and mixing local spices and ingredients.

The snapper roasted with layer of mushrooms and coffee beans in liquid form. The juicy pescado is also served with fried corn pulcan.

This dish combined with many sauces and salty dried shrimps, spices and peanuts to give some unique taste and flavor.


best restaurants in tecate mexico

Pureto Nuevo Tostada dish at Tatanka Baja Fish & Steakhouse (Sea foods):

This restaurant is very famous in Tijuana for its famous sea food culinary.

One of the famous cuisines is Pureto Nuevo Tostada.

This dish is basically toasted flour tortilla which is been cooked with plenty of butter and in low frame.

The toasted is added with many green vegetables like beans carrots and cabbage etc.

For make different taste sometimes they added La paz and sweet torn crab from Sinaloa.

El Lugar de Nos Restaurant

This restaurant has varieties of dishes in form of much Mexican cuisine like Tacos, Chilaquiles, Enchilada, Birria etc

For best seafood Restaurant in Tecate Mx

Faro Restaurant

This restaurant is specialty in seafood dishes which is been cooked and baked with different style.

The famous dish is fish tacos which is been fist baked the tacos in oven with temperature and then after fried the fishes with mixtures of local ingredients and spices.

And then served the same with different type of sauces.  Other options are also available in vegetables dishes.

famous food in tecate mexico

El Farito

This restaurant served different types of Mexicans Seafood.

Dishes which is been specially cooked through different technique by using and mixing of salt, spices and olive oil fried in low fame once it get crunchy added with some shrimps and fried fishballs to give mouthwatering taste.

Best Pizza restaurant in Tecate Mx

There are many good rated pizza restaurant in Tecate Mx which is been excellently rated in terms of their unique and traditional taste of Mexican Pizza.

some of them are Viva La Pizza, Vittorio’s Pizza, Tomatos Pizza, In these pizza restaurant you will find delicious taste of chili pepper and combination of many spices with green vege’s and topped with tomatoes sauces which will definitely gives you mouthwatering taste.

best restaurants in tecate

World Famous Tecate Mx Bread (Bread of Mexico- Sweet Mexican Bread)

Tecate Mx is very famous for its locally producing bread and that’s why it also called capital of bread.

The traditional name of bread is called “Pan dulce” which is Spanish pronouncing.

In tecate town there is one famous bakery named as “El Mejor Pan De Tecate Mx”, one of worlds famous bake store rated by National Geographic Channel in 2007.

There are also many other bakeries which are also producing with different types of fruits mix breads overall you will find here 190 different types of bread and cakes which is been specially make from various types of corn and other baked powder ingredients growing locally in tecate.


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