Things to do in Tecate Mexico

Adventure, Camping & Outdoor activities Historical Parks
1) Canada Del Sol

This is best for camp site and outdoor activities

2)Rancho la puerta

The resorts have pools, long area for treks to mountains.

1)Tecate Brewery

Tecate Mexico is famous for its brewery. Tecate brewery is oldest and largest brewery in town. Tecate beer has unique quality taste. You can visit brewery plants also.

2)Zona Arqueologico de Vallecitos

This an ancient site having cave paintings on terrains La Rumorosa mountains.

3)Community Museum Kumiai

This is museum of tecate Mexico having all information about traditional culture and historic value of tecate area to visitors.

1)Parque Miguel Hidalgo.

This is beautiful park in middle of town where you spend some relax time with yours friends and family. The park surrounded with coffee shops cafes and with green views and having cool breeze of air.

tecate mexico 2021
  • Tecate is a small town in Baja California, Mexico. This place is just opposite to Tijuana, it is also a municipal seat of Tecate Municipality. It is located on the US Mexico border with adjacent boundaries of California State.
  •  United States which is just near to San Diego–Tijuana metropolitan area. There are three port of entry between these two sister cities parallel to the border. Tecate Mexico City is only 65 kilometers (40 minute drive from San Diego, of California states of US.
  • During the drive through border you will find some beautiful landscapes terrains of mountainous in the region. The climate and environment of tecate is also very pleasant and comfortable for long drive and relaxation in weekends to make rest from day to day pace of life.
  • There is everything in Tecate for every age group as per their likes. You can get average hotels with all good facilities of spas including of medical treatment like reflex therapy, acupuncture etc. There are many famous hotels which provides all amenities like spa, yoga, trekking whatever you are searching to make your weekends relax and enjoyable.
  • Tecate Mexico is growing now days a most relax weekend’s tourist destination where you find from outdoor activities to historical walks surrounding nearby in tecate. Tecate is also known and popular for its beer. Tecate beer is one of the most popular beers in Mexico which is brew in Tecate brewery.
  • Tecate in Mexico will definitely gives you a unique and memorable experience to tourist who seeking peace of mind and get relax from day to day busty life.
  • You can plane Tecate Mexico for one day trip, two-day trip or three days trips depends upon your budgets and time you have. Tecate is located at a short trip distance from San-Diego, California and from Los-Angeles of the United States.
  • You can customize your plans as per your priority like adventure or outing, tour for romantic couples to spend some leisure time in well known hotels of Tecate Mexico or family tour or to give rest and spare some beautiful moments of life with kids at short trips

Camping & Outdoor adventure activities in tecate Mexico.

1) Canada Del Sol

tecate mexico 2021-Canada-Del-Sol-best-places-tecate-mexico
  • Canada Del Sol This is a camp site having beautiful surroundings of greeneries and all supported activity you need during camp stay. This is best camp site recommended by many tourists to stay and spend some fun time along with barbeque grills provided you in camp site. You can definitely remark the time as most memorable time you have spend here with your family kids or if your couple you will enjoy all the outdoor and other activities.
  • You can also pools activity like pool aquatic games during the summer seasons. Camp managements also offer bike tours and safaris.
  • You can also enjoy games in camp site like basketball, volleyball, soccer’s etc. for that they will not charge any fees or amount. You have to pay charge for adventure activity like zip lines.
  • You will get cabins on rent. The separate cabins give you all liberty in which you can do whatever you want to like to cook and make your own barbecue and grills enjoy your camp fire till night.

2) Rancho la puerta

  • Rancho la puerta If you are seeking for resorts which have all facility like full relax environment along with some yoga meditation activities than La puerta ranch is best choice for you. The resort located on ideal place where you also have open view of mountains.
tecate mexico 2021-Rancho la puerta
tecate mexico 2021-Rancho la puerta
  • Rancho La Puerta have large fields around 4000acres of open land surrounded with greenery, large landscape gardens with shrubs and trees around 33 acres open space for make practice of yoga and meditation in silence atmosphere, The resorts also have big organic farm where they teach their tourist about importance and health benefits of traditional herbs. From resort there is 38 miles of hiking trek towards the mountains.
  • Trek on terrains of surrounded mountains give you immense pleasure of workout satisfaction.
  • La puerta ranch offers many fitness classes of yoga meditation spas and other acupuncture therapies. They have large gardens where are many types of plants and herbs are cultivated. They teach their tourist by guiding about health benefits of various herbs. They provide many workshops classes on cooking by educating how to use herbs and benefits of herbs in good health.
  • Aquatic yoga’s (pool yoga) is really unforgettable experience of your life.
  • The resorts also provide you the facility of holistic Spas service, where you can take any therapy of your choice for relaxation of body mind and soul.
  • They are total 86 casitas in resorts having traditional looks and ambience of different styles and architecture
  • The Average cost for one night stays is approx $550 USD

Unique food taste of Tecate Mexico

Bread of Tecate (Mexician Sweet bread)

  • There is tecate famous bakery store which name as “El Mejor Pan De Tecate Mexico”, which was globally recognized from its unique taste and traditional taste of bread, also called “Pan Dulce”. In tecate there are multiple bakery you will find which serves you their own specialized traditionally make breads of having different taste of fruits ingredients mix.
  • For more details you can visit our blog Best tourist places in tecate


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