Top Tourist places in Tecate Mexico 2021

  • Tecate is a place for take relax and give a break from day to day pace of life. Tecate is increasing its attraction now days among the tourist from California of the USA to whole world because of to its pleasant weather and climate along with beautiful landscapes surrounding with hills and rocks.
  • The Tecate is rich in its heritage, cultural and arts. Once you visit Tecate you came to know about its history of traditional artwork
  • Tecate have wide range of options for all age group of tourist round the year. There are many leisure activities in tecate which includes luxury shopping of unique items in markets, lavish and green resorts.                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  •  the cuisine restaurants served you some unique and different taste of breads, cakes, pizza with serve of lime Tecate beer, which definitely gives you different taste bud. There are many spas’ with specialization of medical treatment soothing to give full relaxation to your body and soul.
  • Tecate have comfortable weather though out the years, which you can enjoy with beautiful landscapes and mountains during your long drive.

1) Rancho la puerta resort

  • Rancho la puerta resort The ideal place for relax in tecate Mexico. The ambience and naturals surrounding with greenery make your stay in La puerta ranch unforgettable. They promote safe relax and healthy living through yoga classes, healthy diet, workshops, Aquatic yoga’s (pool yoga) and trekking on terrains of nearby mountains.

tecate mexico 2021-Rancho la puerta resort-tecate-mexico

  • The main focus and motto at la puerta is to provide complete relaxation of body and soul for their tourist. To achieve this they offer daily fitness classes, healthy cooking and spas.
  • Rancho La Puerta have 4000acres of land which includes 33 acres of landscape gardens for make practice of yoga and meditation in peace environment, an organic farm to teach about traditional herbs and its cooking, 38 miles of hiking trek on terrain of mountains for exercise. 

Leisure Activity at La Puerta Ranch

  • They have ten gyms and one small aerobic gym, four pools for aquatic yoga, and one each for tennis, basketball volleyball courts for fitness programme through sports.
  • They also have three holistic Spas service including facilities of hydrotherapy, music therapy reflexology path and reiki.
  • They have 86 individual casitas in resorts within walking distance to wine bar, juice bar or art studio
  • Average cost for reservation
  • The approx cost for booking of the resort for one night is approx $550 USD per person (Depend upon season and availability)

2) Zona Arqueologico de Vallecitos

  • This is an archaeological and ancient site on terrain of la Rumorosa Mountains located near Tecate Mexico. The site was located on Tecate Mexicali highways. During the drive you have to cross la rumorosa terrains of mountains which thrills you an awesome and unique experience of beautiful landscape mountains and surrounding rocks. 
tecate mexico 2021-Zona-Arqueologico-de-Vallecitos-tecate-mexico-
  •   This ancient site has 18 different cave paintings out of which only six may be visited by tourist. The paintings have decorated on rocks with white, black and red colours by kumeyaay (Kumiai) tribal groups who made these ancient paintings, the painting made three thousand years ago.
  • The painting was indicating about their existence on hunting and harvesting of traditional methods of fruits seeds and seafood.
  • The site is a beautiful place for camping and to spend leisure time for outdoor barbecue dish cooking with sitting in open air.
  • The Site is free on Sunday for everyone. Site opens from 0900hrs to 1600hrs from Wednesday to Sunday ticket approx $3 USD.

3) Community Museum Kumiai (Museo Comunitario Kumiai

  • This is community museum in tecate Mexico which shows culture and history of tecate area to visitors. This museum has three parts in whole complex, the first parts have shown the history and prehistory of the Kumiai ancient peoples, second parts showing the time of ranches and third parts tells about tecate architecture and its modernity.

tecate mexico 2021-Museo Comunitario Kumiai-tecate-mexico

  • This is a small museum which is very attractive, and you will also find regional and traditional artifacts, pictures, murals and some old sculptures. The staff of museums is also very friendly and some of them are English speaking to make you proper guide. The museum also has tourist friendly computer based displays in both English and Spanish.
  • The museum also has a botanical garden that provides examples of native plants you can learn about old traditional herbs and their benefits. The Museum also has one gift shop where you can get all antique make jewelry and others pot for decoration to your home.
  • Overall the museum is really very nice and good experience for all age group.

4) Parque Miguel Hidalgo

  • Tecate is also known as magical town, the town which keeps their traditions, foods and beauty. There is a main square i.e. miguel hidalgo park where you feel the breeze of peace winds, the park is surrounded with many trees and benches and along with kiosk. The environment is quite friendly with perfect walking and then after taking relaxes in the shades of trees.
tecate mexico 2021-Parque Miguel Hidalgo-tecate-mexico
Parque Miguel Hidalgo-tecate-mexico
  • There are few coffee shops with specials of desserts and bakery items specialization of Tecate bread which give you good options to enjoy the leisure time along with some good food taste. You can take some fine taste of pastry from EL Mejor pan bakery which is renowned in the town.
  • This park has lot of sitting areas including some beautiful designs of gazebos, a fountain along with big trees beautiful plants and herbs which give immense pleasure when you sit there and enjoy your Tecate beer. You definitely feel here peace and relaxation of life.
  • There was good sensible crowd on weekends where peoples from California came here to enjoy the strolling musician’s sideways cafés bars along with their long drive scenes and nightlife makes this place a charming attraction.

5) Tecate Brewery

  • Tecate Mexico is famous for its brewery. Tecate brewery is oldest and largest brewery in town. This is historical place of Baja California, which has its first giant brewery and making brands like Tecate, XX, Sol, Bohemia, Indio and many more.
tecate mexico 2021-Tecate-Brewery-tecate-mexico-tecate-beer
  • To know more about different type of beers and wines, how they made, how it processes, what natural ingredients they used to refine beers etc, you get a complete tour guide for Tecate brewery factory and get one beer free including in the tickets.
  • Contact of Tecate brewery
  • Tecate Brewery located in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico
  • For reservation at tecate brewery you may either call or e-mail
  • Mexico 01 (665) 654-9490 or (665) 654-9478.USA 011 +52 (665) 654-9490 or (665) 654-9478 or e-mailMail id:-
  • Timing for Tecate brewery tour                                                           
    Days Time of visit
    Monday to Friday 10am – 5 pm
    Saturday 10am – 2 pm
    Sunday Closed
  • One you visit you will get a lot of history about the brewery and beer manufacturing process.
  • During tour the guide will give information about the unique taste of tecate. The place Tecate produce good quality of graphs olives wines and barley which were used after fermentation in beer process. The natural flavor source of this grains and fruits gives unique essence and taste to beer.
  • The tecate Mexico brewery producing beers 5.2 million gallons in 24 tanks, the brewery packaging division has capacity of packing of 4000 cans of beer in one minute.
  • The Heineken International Company who owns and manage the tecate brewery has recently renowned the brewery with modern art of architecture and ambience. In 2018 Tecate beer garden was opened with ample seating area, outdoor walking area, having balcony and open space terrace where you can get a free tecate beer (which price was included in ticket) you can enjoy your beer with cool and leisure ambience.
  • There is gift shop also, from where you can buy t-shirts and others souvenirs.
  • Overall you find the brewery with clean and hygienic well organized and processed manufacturing facilities.

6) Canada Del Sol

  • This is a beautiful and unforgettable camp site in Tecate. This is an ideal place for family outing, couples can enjoy the peace moment of time and friends in group can enjoy all the outdoor and other activities.

tecate mexico 2021-Canada Del Sol

  • The site provides cabins on rent. The cabins have all facilities of camping area, grills for barbecue and attached toilets.
  • The camp site have pools which operational only in summers seasons. The camp site also provides you bike for outing and safari in remote terrains.
  • The canada del sol camp site also have sports facilities grounds like basketball, volleyball, soccer’s for day activities. For other adventure activities they have zip lines.

7) Parroquia Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe

  •  This is beautiful cathedral (church) an ideal symbol of hope for pray, this beautiful cathedral is around 100 years old this type of iconic cathedral with similar architecture  are seen in South America, Spain and Portugal. They have huge doors peoples flowering inside and praying. 
  • Once visited its peaceful environment really reflect positive vibes and make your mind refresh. Whenever you visit Tijuana or tecate mexico you can take spare some time to visit once.
tecate mexico 2021-Parroquia-Nuestra-Senora-de-Guadalupe-tecate-mexico
  • Contact :- Calle Benito Juarez (2da) 7982, Tijuana 22050 Mexico.
  •                 +52 664 685 3026

8) Bread of Tecate (Mexican Sweet bread)

  • Tecate is also known as capital of bread, it has also known as Mexican village bread which is made of traditional way making process. This bread is traditionally also called “Pan dulce” the same it called in Spanish.
  • The city famous bake store is “El Mejor Pan De Tecate Mexico”, in 2007 National Geographic have remarked one of the best tourist destination in Tecate Mexico.
tecate mexico 2021-Mexican Sweet bread
tecate mexico 2021-Mexican Sweet bread
  • In Tecate, you find multiple of bakeries which serves you different artisanal fresh and soft warm bread from oven as on demand. This breads of fruits and some local grains which is been locally produced in the city.
  • The local experts of bread bakers of tecate Mexico make sweet bread, pastries and others bakes items in every early in morning, the process to make soft bread is by creating an delicate arrangement of aromas, colors, forms, and different flavors in every piece of bread.
  • You will found large variety approx of 190 different type of breads, pastries and others bake items. Some of the famous are like traditional ‘conchitas’, doughnuts, ‘balillo’, cakes and soft muffins, ‘coquitos’, etc and special taste of a sponge cake with thick, evaporated milk and cream,
  • You will also find different flavor of mango and strawberry mousse, dark chocolate. You can also get a selection to choose healthy baked items for any diabetic patients, there are option available to choose  healthy bakes and breads available in like whole grain, multigrain, black rye, and more


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